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What a ride! I felt like I had been friends with Rachel for my whole life by the end of the book. The writing really brings you into the details and feels authentic to the perspectives and thoughts of a 20-something - the highs, the lows, the imposter syndrome, the risk taking, the adventure, and, of course, the love.

- Rachel

In love! It explores real-life emotions and experiences but it is reality that is relatable and exposed through circumstances that many people don't really want to talk about. 

- Julia

A seductive page turner! A roller coaster ride of will they, won't they? The novel plays with the reader's emotions and expectations making it a definite page turner, and the story of Rachel and Morgan is a seductive one. It is impossible not to become invested in the characters' emerging feelings for one another, the sexual tension that draws them together, the highs and lows of life, and the role of family in their lives.


What a journey! A page turner. Rachel Wharton is a character with too many emotions to keep track of, and yet that's what makes her so easy to identify with. Her relationship with Morgan Hillier is infuriating and completely relatable. 

- Liz 

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